At Living Spirit, our worship reflects who we are: diverse, vibrant, intergenerational, and a little different every week.

Our style is a bit traditional, a bit contemporary. Each of us brings along our own set of experiences and expectations about church, which shapes how we perceive it. Music is a language shared across cultures, so we use it as a guide on a regular basis.

If you’ve been to a mainline Protestant church before, worship at Living Spirit should be pretty familiar. If you’re not a churchgoer, or come from a vastly different tradition, here’s what a typical service looks like:

  • There will be music playing while people get settled in, before the service starts.

  • The pastor gives a brief welcome and shares any important announcements.

  • We sing a song together (the lyrics will be up on screen, but most of the music can also be found in the hymnals in the pews). This will happen periodically throughout the service.

  • We do a responsive reading, where a leader says one part, and we (the congregation) say another part, back and forth.

  • There’s a prayer, usually one that we all say together (the words will be in your bulletin and on the screen).

  • The pastor or someone in the congregation leads a children’s message (3–5 minutes).

  • Someone shares a special music piece—the choir, various individuals, or special guests.

  • The worship leader reads out loud from the Bible (words on screen).

  • Pastor Suzanne or a special guest gives a message related to the scripture reading.

  • We pray for each other, for the neighborhood, and for the world. Sometimes this means the ushers pass around a microphone and people may share their prayer requests. Sometimes it just means taking a second to write down things in need of prayer or silently lift up prayers while the pastor prays out loud.

  • We sing a song or songs while the ushers pass an offering plate around, then we pray over the offering. (If you’re new, you can just let the plate pass you by.) This is also the part of the service where we celebrate holy communion on the first Sunday of the month.

  • We end with a blessing.

God, break through my heart into the world. May your kinetic energy meet my willingness to be your hands in my neighborhood, in service of something greater than I can imagine. Bless the community of Living Spirit, equip us for your work, and use us to realize your vision for the future. Amen.