We get it. "Christian" means a lot of different things in different contexts, and you want to know what it means here at Living Spirit.

Our theology is Trinitarian:

  • We believe that everyone is a child of God and that God's image is imprinted on every human heart.

  • We believe that Jesus incarnates the depth of God's love and calls us to our full humanity.

  • We believe that the Spirit surrounds, sustains and energizes all of life.

What does that actually mean? Being church together means gathering under a "big tent" that shelters people with a variety of different beliefs. We encourage respectful engagement between people with different opinions, which includes approaching our differences with open minds and hearts. We don't think everyone needs to have it all figured out or agree on everything to build community together. In fact, our diversity makes our community stronger!

In that spirit, we think that honest, vulnerable dialogue brings people together. Ignoring our differences of belief or opinion is not the path to thriving together under the big tent (though sometimes deciding together to set them aside is an effective decision). If you're thinking about joining the conversation with us, here's a bit of what we value as a community:

  • Inclusivity

  • Intergenerational friendship and participation

  • Relationships

  • Engagement with our neighbors

  • Building the realm of God one piece at a time