There are several murals near Living Spirit that portray the colorful diversity of south Minneapolis. Some highlight Latino heritage, others African culture; some reveal the beauty of nature, others our shared humanity. Youth, young adults, and street artists created most of the wall paintings. Two blocks from the church there is an image of a pink and orange dove painted by students who attend a bilingual (Spanish-English) high school.

The dove is a cultural symbol of peace and hope that has Judeo-Christian overtones. Looking at the mural, you can envision Noah sending out the dove, or Jesus at his baptism when a dove descended. The dove is also a symbol of the Holy Spirit, that life-giving force that created a new community – the church – that was multicultural and multilingual from its very beginning. 

The Holy Spirit is not an abstractionit moves in specific contexts and communities. It’s present in our midst, in our neighborhoods, in our interactions with one another. Through the movement of the Spirit, we, like the early follower of Jesus, are able to come together as people of different races and ethnicities to celebrate that we are “all one in Christ.” We do not have all the answers at Living Spirit; we do desire to grow spiritually, assured that a meaningful experience of unity is more compelling than all that divides and separates.

We welcome all people at Living Spirit, and are compelled by the Spirit to be inclusive, intergenerational, relational, engaged in community with our neighbors, and welcoming. You are invited to worship, eat or serve a meal, garden, dialogue on race, interact across generations, sing, mediate, pray, play, or simply stop in and visit as you walk around our colorful, diverse neighborhood.

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Rev. Dr. Donna Dempewolf

Donna has a heart for vital, multi-cultural congregations, and is inspired by a vision of the “beloved community” – a community that includes all God’s children, and where freedom, love, and justice reign. She received her theological education from Boston University (M.Div) and Wesley Theological Seminary (D.Min). She currently serves as the co-chair for the Commission on Religion and Race and is a member of the Legacy Council at King Park in south Minneapolis. She cares deeply for the people of Living Spirit and the neighborhood, and is drawn to a ministry of reconciliation.

Before entering ministry, Donna worked in global business development for 3M Company. She has lived and worked overseas, and has participated in mission and ministry trips to Guatemala, Russia, Liberia, and South Korea, among others. Donna enjoys learning about other cultures, drinking coffee, conversing with family and friends, talking about faith, and being active – jogging, bicycling, and kayaking.