New Sermon Series: Journey Towards Wholeness

One of the challenges in a congregation like Living Spirit, where we focus on outward issues of social justice, is to do the inward work of personal and spiritual renewal—the things that strengthen us to do the outward acts of faith in action. When I visited Glide Memorial UMC in San Francisco a number of years ago and participated in their Empowerment Journey, they shared about the recovery process they developed and engaged their church members and staff in. It is meant to be a supplement to the traditional 12 step process (not a replacement) and is for anyone, whether they have a “formal” addiction or not. Because everyone is in need of recovery from something. Our entire community—business leaders, alcoholics, government leaders, people who have experienced physical abuse, psychological abuse, loneliness, disconnection, lack of meaning in life – are challenged by recovery everyday.

This Sunday we begin a four part sermon series called “Journey Towards Wholeness.” There will be a slight pause with Multicultural Sunday on the 22nd, but will then resume the following Sundays:

  • Facing Our Inner Darkness—September 15

  • (Multicultural Celebration—September 22)

  • Naming Who You Are—September 29

  • Embracing Community—October 6

  • Experiencing Rebirth—October 13

We engage in recovery because it helps us to become more fully human and strengthens us to do the work God calls us to. And it enables us to reach out to others in their journey towards wholeness.

—Pastor Suzanne