Financial Education Survey

We’ve all heard it said that ‘money isn’t everything’ and that there are many things in life ‘that money can’t buy.’ While these words of wisdom are true, money and our finances have the power to impact our lives in both positive and negative ways. In short, money is important. Money has power. It has the power to enrich our lives and the lives of those around us, and it has the power to shatter our sense of well-being. Jesus talked a lot about money, because ultimately our relationship to money is a spiritual issue.

The Finance Team would like to offer opportunities for you to improve your financial well-being through a variety of seminars taught by Marcia Alexander, a Financial Representative from Thrivent Financial. The particular seminars offered will be based on your interest, and are free of charge. After reviewing the available seminars below (click to expand), please scroll down and take the survey to indicate your top choices.

+ More than Money Matters: Financial Planning Basics

(Available as a 1 session overview or 4 session in depth)

Everyone benefits from a financial strategy that’s tailored to their needs and circumstances. Having a strategy can help you save money, meet your financial goals, and safeguard your family’s financial security. Do you have one?

During this event, you’ll learn:

  • How to build a budget and establish an emergency fund.
  • Why and how credit matters.
  • Basic investment concepts, including risk tolerance and asset allocation.
  • Basic estate strategy concepts.


+ Identity Theft: What You Need to Know

Being proactive in protecting your identity can pay off down the road. Get tips and tools to help you avoid identity theft and deal with the consequences if you become a victim.


+ Securing & Preserving Your Retirement Strategy

You worked hard and planned for retirement. Find out how you can have the retirement you’ve been dreaming of and leave a legacy.


+ Social Security: Timing is Everything

As you approach retirement, now is the time to determine how you’ll support yourself. Find out how you can optimize Social Security and know how much you can expect to receive from other income sources.


+ Financial Strategies for Women

What makes women’s financial issues unique? Times have changed—but it’s still important to do all you can to save and protect your income. Whether or not you have any financial challenges, learn about your options when it comes to protecting your financial future.


+ Give Now, Give Later, Give & Receive

Be a good steward of the gifts you’ve been given, and learn how to make giving an act that benefits you and the people and causes you care about.


+ From Me to We

Establishing a solid financial foundation is important for all couples. As a couple, discover what values you have in common, where your money attitudes may differ and what it takes to create a solid financial future.


+ Parents, Kids and Money Matters

Teaching kids about money is easier when you have the right tools. Gain a better understanding of the values you want your kids to learn and practical tools to make teaching about money fun. Kids (ages 6 to 10) will learn about the three basic money choices: share, save and spend.